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Size & Fit: These 6-inch unscented pillar candles have a 2-inch diameter at the base and a self-fitted end, fitting most standard candle holders.

Dripless Design: To remain dripless, ensure the candle stands vertically and is kept away from air conditioning, fans, outdoor settings, and windows. Avoid breezes, which may cause the flame to flare or reach wax areas, leading to drips.
High Quality: Crafted from quality wax and cotton wicks, these candles burn cleanly for up to 90 hours without dripping or creating mess.
Unscented & Elegant: Made exclusively from premium wax, these pillar candles emit a soft, straight light. Perfect for enhancing home decor, events, parties, and religious ceremonies without overwhelming scents.
Holiday Ready: With an elegant design, these long-lasting candles are ideal for various occasions including weddings, holidays, Christmas gifting, and religious events. They complement any decor effortlessly.


Brand Name : RDG
Product dimension 6X2
Shape: Round
Color : Red
Item Weight : 300g
Scent : Unscented Fragrance
Number of items : 1
Material: Wax
Material Feature : Fragrance Free
Warranty Service Type: Non Returnable
Not Covered in Warranty: Please reach out to our customer service for assistance if you encounter any problem like missing quantity or different color


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