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Product Stock Availability:
If a product is not in stock, we will provide a full refund to the account used for the purchase.

Warranty Coverage:
Warranty covers 14 days from the Date of Delivery. Please check our website or contact us to verify warranty coverage for specific items before purchasing.

Warranty does not cover:
1- The protective sticker (film) on mobile displays. Do not remove it; doing so will void the warranty.
2- Products that have been affixed using adhesive glue or other methods, are dirty, previously installed, or used.
3- Damage occurring after professional installation.
4- Damage not reported within 12 hours of receiving the product.
5- Returns or replacements requested after 14 days from product delivery.
6- Orders of incorrect mobile parts, including shipping costs for returns.
7- Returns due to dissatisfaction with product quality, including shipping costs.
Product Returns:

All defective items must be packed as if they were new and working to maintain warranty validity. is not responsible for damage during shipment or customer/carrier misuse/abuse.
Warranty becomes void if any warranty seal is broken or tampered with.

Return/Replacement Request
As part of the return or replacement request process, customers have to fulfill their requirements through WhatsApp or email. This includes providing a video of the product, product photos, billing invoice, unboxing videos,connecting videos etc.”

Compatibility Responsibility:
Verify compatibility with your requirements and handset before purchasing. is not responsible for items purchased that are not compatible with your requirements or mobile phone
Shipping Costs:
Purchasers are responsible for shipping costs for products returned for exchange or warranty repairs.
Allow up to 7 business days for our technician team to assess your returned items.

Product Descriptions:
Images in product details may differ from the actual product.

Shipping Timeframe:
All orders require 48-72 hours for processing and shipment.

Warranty for Spare Parts:
Spare parts for mobile phones come with a 14-day warranty, and replacements are available if the item is in stock.

No Warranty for Certain Items:
There is no warranty for Converter, Housing, Panel, Sim Tray, Flex Cables (Patta), Home Decor, and Beauty Products.

Customer Policy

Our company values respectful and courteous communication with our customer care team. If a customer engages in inappropriate behavior, such as repeatedly calling, using violent or abusive language, or sending offensive messages or photos via WhatsApp, we will take action. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and our legal team will address these issues and take appropriate measures with the relevant authorities.

For the housing body panel, no additional components will be included
The picture of the product is just to show you what it looks like. The real product might not be exactly the same as the one in the picture.

In case you received damaged items:
If a customer receives a damaged item, it is necessary for the customer to provide us with an open box video, if available. Additionally, it is mandatory for the customer to inform us of the damage within 12 hours of receiving the item. Customers can notify us via call, WhatsApp message, email, or our helpline numbers. Please note, if the packet was already open or if the tempered tape is damaged, please do not accept the packet. Check the packet from the outside properly before accepting the delivery.
Effective date( 5 May -2024 )

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